Thank you for your questions which I am happy to answer.
So what's new?

Quite a bit actually. I have been fairly active in the past few months with trips to the Lake District and Paris. It is so important to try and have your camera with you as often as possible as I would have missed some great opportunities if I hadn't!

How would you rate your technical knowledge of photography?

I have a good grounding in many of the technical tricks of the trade and use the full potential of my camera equipment. I always use manual settings on the camera to ensure the best results and to keep learning. To capture good images I believe you need a balance of creative and technical ability.

Do you plan your photographs?

There are a few images in the gallery that have been staged specifically but generally I always have my camera with me and simply take a lot of photographs. You can never really plan to take good photographs, when you do you tend to come back with nothing. As the gallery illustrates I enjoy being outdoors and if you go out often enough and in different conditions then more good opportunities will come your way.

How extensively do you use image editing software?

The changes I make are very subtle and I try to achieve what I want 'in camera'. I very rarely have to crop images as I believe most of the hard work should be done at the time the shutter is released. At the very most I would tweak the levels a touch and maybe add or take away a little saturation.